The Bassuk Center

Service Providers Endorse Report on Family Homelessness

Hundreds of service providers in all 50 states and in Canada have endorsed a report by the Bassuk Center on family homelessness that contends affordable housing must be combined with essential services to keep families and children stably housed.

Services Matter: How Housing and Services Can End Family Homelessness” asserts that current federal policy is failing and will not meet the government’s goal of ending family homelessness by 2020. A sampling of comments about the report from service providers is below.

I am hoping our politicians and policymakers will read this report and recognize the need to step in and turn the tide on this unacceptable situation.
Martha Ryan, Homeless Prenatal Program, California

This report truly gives voice to service providers who know that services are essential, and convincingly illustrates that policymakers have reached conclusions about addressing family homelessness without real evidence.
Nancy Radner, Primo Center for Women and Children, Chicago, Illinois

Access to affordable housing coupled with supportive services that include job training and education, and access to a livable wage are essential. When families are better, so are communities and our nation as a whole.
Debra Carr, Family Place, Texas

I am pleased to see that the majority of service providers know that services combined with housing is an important component.
Jonna Sharpe, PATH, New Mexico

This report cuts through the inertia, misinformation, and speculation permeating the field.
Joyce Coffee, Family Rescue, Illinois

This is such an important and concise report on what we experience daily in the work to end family homelessness.
Diana McWilliams, Families Forward Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are at a watershed moment, and we can and must regain the spirit of being a nation of neighbors that embraces the vitality of community, and quality of life for all.
Rev. Dr. Carmen Porco, Housing Ministries of American Baptists, Wisconsin

Homeless families with children have once again fallen to the end of the line. Rapid rehousing is not a solution for all families. Services to homeless families with children cannot be improved by a ‘one size fits all’ policy.
Terry Ruth Lindemann, Family Promise of Las Vegas, Nevada

Investing in these families’ stability is their only hope for dignity and productivity. Such investments will reduce the crisis management cost and the human cost.
Jane O’Leary, Bridges to Housing Stability, Maryland

It is way past time that our politicians give this moral issue the attention and resources that it needs.
Chuck Taylor, Roar Enterprises, Inc., Wisconsin

The impact of homelessness, joblessness, and grinding poverty creates stressors in children that often are not seen, but are clearly felt for a lifetime. We can and we must do more to care for these families. Nothing less is acceptable.
Rufus Williams, BBF Family Services, Illinois

“Housing is essential to ending family homelessness, but it is not sufficient,” said Ellen L Bassuk, M.D. of the Bassuk Center. “Along with affordable housing, families need basic services, including physical safety, child care, transportation, work and educational opportunities, help with parenting, and health and mental health care for parents and children.”