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Training, tools, and support for local providers

Achieving housing stability goes well beyond finding a place to live. Most people need affordable housing combined with essential services to remain stably housed and to thrive.

The National Network connects service providers in all 50 states, bringing promising practices and evidence-based programs to every community where people are experiencing homelessness.

National Network members span systems of health care, mental health, substance use, child welfare, and criminal justice. We are creating a robust and dynamic community to share innovative solutions that stabilize families, youth, and individuals, including those experiencing mental health and substance use issues.

With leadership from the National Network, hundreds of local programs and providers have access to new skills and research-based practices. Together, we are mobilizing to end this national tragedy.

Family Homelessness: The Path Ahead outlines our approach to ending family homelessness. This policy statement, developed with National Network members, summarizes key priorities and shares the perspectives of local providers based on their deep field experience.