The Bassuk Center

Housing Stability for Families and Children

Our comprehensive approach

Building on Strengths and Advocating for Family Empowerment (BSAFE) supports families and children as they transition from housing instability to life in the community.

This trauma-informed, family-centered approach strengthens coping skills and relationships, and supports strong social networks to ensure housing stability and family wellbeing. BSAFE is tailored to the strengths, goals, wishes, and priorities of all family members.

BSAFE begins while a family is still in emergency shelter and concludes when they are permanently housed in the community. It is implemented in three phases:

Phase One: While the family is in shelter, BSAFE builds trusting relationships, assesses housing and service needs, and explores resources and supports in the shelter and the community.

Phase Two: BSAFE establishes relationships with community partners, and connects family members with housing and community services to support them after they leave the shelter.

Phase Three: When families are in stable housing, BSAFE solidifies relationships with community service providers, and supports the family to become self-directed. Full responsibility is gradually transferred to the family and community service providers.

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