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Young people leaving foster care are at risk for homelessness

Young people in foster care are at high risk of housing instability, both while in foster care and after they "age out" and financial support is no longer available to them.

When financial subsidies end after age 18, tens of thousands of young people are suddenly left without a family or a home. They have no safety net because they are outside of the protection of child welfare agencies. This puts them at high risk for housing instability, unemployment, involvement in the criminal justice system, and homelessness.

The disproportionate number of foster care LGBTQ youth who run away or are sent away from their homes due to conflicts with their families is of special concern. Once on the streets, these young people can fall prey to physical abuse and sexual exploitation, or experience mental health issues, substance use disorders, and even death.

See how Home Works USA is creating affordable housing with essential services for young people aging out of foster care.

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Supporting families to meet the challenges of adoption


Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, Ed.D., LCSW, LMFT, has worked for 40 years in adoption, child welfare, family systems, and organizational development. She draws on a wide range of academic disciplines—psychology, adult learning, conflict management, family systems, child welfare, organizational development and leadership—to help families and organizations meet the challenges they face.

In partnership with the Bassuk Center, Dr. Pavao brings her expertise to address the connections between foster care, adoption, and homelessness. Her systemic, intergenerational, and developmental framework is presented in her critically acclaimed book The Family of Adoption.

Dr. Pavao is founder of PACT (Pre/Post Adoption Consulting and Training) which provides training and counseling about the psychological, educational, and emotional issues of adoption and post-adoption. Learn more about Dr. Pavao and her work here.